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The Car Learns to See With ASYS

Automated production of front cameras for the car with two final assembly lines.

INVENTUS Assembly Project

Automated Camera Assembly

For decades, a well-known automotive supplier has relied on our tailor-made solutions for the efficient manufacture of its products. This also applies to the assembly of front cameras for modern automobiles. They help with steering, braking or parking and warn the driver if he deviates from the lane. Camera-based assistance systems provide safety and must function reliably without compromise. The same applies to the camera manufacturing process.


Renowned automotive supplier



Automobile front camera


Automobile industry



2x INVENTUS assembly line


  • Throughput increase
  • Error prevention

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Special Features

  • Complete solution from a single source
  • High product variance
    Production of different camera types on the assembly lines
  • Ribbon cable assembly
    Handling and precise placement of flexible components
  • Use of customer-specific transport trolleys
    Trolleys are used for loading and unloading palletizers
  • High autonomy
    Palletizers hold several 1.40m high tray stacks

ASYS INVENTUS Assembly Lines

Two Lines for More Throughput


Optical Line

The core, the camera, is first mounted on a circuit board in the optical line and then screwed into a housing.

  • Output of the line: optics module


Camera Line

On the second line, the optical module is connected to the main board and installed with the rest of the housing.

  • Output of the line: packaged front camera

Project Manager

Thomas Braun

„In order to optimally solve all technical challenges, close coordination with the customer was always in the foreground during the entire course of the project. In addition, the interfaces between external technology suppliers and internal project teams had to be coordinated. This was the key to realizing an assembly solution that met all requirements.“

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